IBS and SIBO Summit

For all my followers that suffer from IBS or SIBO, there will be a free online summit coming up that will be sure to benefit you. It takes place September 3-10, 2018.

The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit is hosted by health advocate and succesful TV personality Shivan Sarna.

If you are unfamiliar with online summits, you just need to sign up, each day click on the original link that is sent to your email account, sit back and watch. Typically you have 24 hours to watch what is presented each day.

If you won’t be available on the scheduled days, you can always purchase the talks and watch at your convenience.

Click here to get more information and register.

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1 thought on “IBS and SIBO Summit

  1. Great way to help people, Sassy!

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