Taking Charge

Taking charge of my health was really something my husband encouraged me to do. I had a tendency to follow my doctor’s instruction, even when I wasn’t improving. I ended up letting issues go on far too long without discussing it with my doctor. I don’t like to be a nuisance and my doctor knows best. Right? The thing is, you know your body best and it’s your health that is at stake.

If symptoms aren’t changing, your doctor needs to know. Once the doctor knows your symptoms, then your plan can be adjusted accordingly.  If you are not being heard, it’s time to move on.

For me, a functional medicine doctor was what I really needed. I had tried other doctors with only minimal change. I realized I needed to get to the root of the problem.

I know it can be overwhelming. You don’t have to do everything at once, just make steps in the right direction. My journey took years. I started with finding the right physician, then made diet changes, practiced meditation to reduce stress and finally, exercise.

First time back on the hiking trail in years

If things don’t change, it’s time for you to look into another approach. Seeing a drastic improvement in symptoms is possible for you, as it has been for me, and countless others. This is possible by taking charge of your health. My sincere hope for you is improved health and healing in 2019!



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6 thoughts on “Taking Charge

  1. Woo hoo!! Hiking with your girl 🙂

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  2. Its so good that your realized you needed a change and went for it! This is very encouraging advice for all with such debilitating illnesses. You are a bright light of hope in the darkness of the unknown!


    1. Thank you! 😊 I’m hoping that the dark days I went through were for a reason and that I can help others.


  3. I have journeyed with my wife for several years now as she has been battling these ever so frustrating health issues. She is a very disciplined patient. She follows her doctor’s orders/suggestions. She journals everyday about how she is feeling and how her body has reacted to anything she has eaten in previous days. She is so intune to her body and current health situation that she even makes adjustments to her diet and supplements she is taking based on how she feels and researching the symptoms she has. Almost 100% of the time she figures it out and brings it to her doctor’s attention. Many of you know that some/many autoimmune diseases are in uncharted waters or new to the medical arena. This is why it is so important that you tune into your body and takes notes. Your health and healing depend on it. This journey has been a long one. When it started we were very puzzled and frustrated. We have invested a lot of time and money into getting to the bottom of this autoimmune disease. Please take whatever you can from others in your similar situations in your autoimmune journey. I can personally attest that my wife’s blog is a great resource. She is a student of her autoimmune disease. Have hope, lean on God, pray, speak up and communicate with your doctor, have patience with whomever is going through this journey, use all resources that you have and your journey will hopefully be shorter then ours!


    1. Beautifully said. I’m not biased or anything. 😉


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